Seattle based youth lacrosse league supporting member programs for kids in grades 3-8.


Seattle Metropolitan Youth Lacrosse Association (SMYLA) encourages, cultivates, and develops the interest in and appreciation of the sport of lacrosse in the City of Seattle.

We are committed to promoting, organizing, and advancing the sport of lacrosse through collaboration with our members to provide quality instruction of lacrosse fundamentals, skills, techniques, and strategies.

We strive to be a resource and foundation for players to continue playing in high school and further, allowing lacrosse to enrich their lives for the years to come.

Through a focus on constructive education and personal development, we are committed to providing a framework for players to develop positive social values through their participation in the sport of lacrosse and for players to learn to be productive members of their school and community.

And finally, through organized competition we afford a safe and fun environment and emphasize the development of self-esteem, good sportsmanship, achievement, and affirmative values among players, coaches, parents, and volunteers.